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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I wish. Hopefully in 2-3 days I'll be back to normal.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fruit vodka?

Give me a break. I'm not a big fan of vodka anyway, but it's just wrong. See it yourself:

For those who wonder...

... what I've been up to recently. Well, I visited sunny (and a little nippy this time of the year) California, San Francisco was fabulous and so was San Diego. I almost missed my plane to London (I was close to missing it anyway), but I made it home safely, just yesterday.

I'm jet-lagged, couldn't sleep till 3am last night (even though I was really knackered) and woke up at 1pm today.

I had to cancel our trip to Italy (my heart is crying), but it's all for a very good reason. I'm hoping for a happy end at last. And I know it'll happen this time.

I'm doing laundry and re-organizing my closet (reads: getting rid of stuff I don't need to carry with me back home). Packing will start very soon.

I'm trying to sleep off the jet-lag. Or I will rather. We'll see how that goes.

I'm reading a lot. Mostly work-related stuff, but Hocus Pocus by K. Vonnegut is also on the waiting list.

I need to pay off my credit cards (shopping in San Francisco was fantastic!). And cancel my contract with Orange. And the like. Boring, but needs to be done.

All and all I'm having a well deserved break. Some call it vacation. Back to work on March 1st.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back home. For a short while.

Well, it actually depends where my home is. Anyway...

So, Xmas was good, except a 1,000 mile drive there and another 1,000 mile drive back. Yeah, they cancelled our flights, as they almost closed down Heathrow because of freezing fog... And trust me, last minute car rental is not the cheapest way to get around. It was definitely the most expensive Xmas ever (₤700 for rental, ₤250 for EuroTunnel, around ₤250 for gas...), but we made it.

I'm going to San Fran and San Diego in 2 weeks, probably last trip in a long time. I'll be spending a week in Italy right after I'm back from California, so chances are, I'll post some photos after that. I might as well not, I still haven't downloaded these from Spain, and we were there over a month ago. But I'll try.

What else? Not much else. I'm getting ready for the move, quite excited and a little frightened. More importantly - I'm getting ready for big shopping in the States ;-)

I'll keep you posted. My life will be probably rather boring over next 2 weeks. But if anything extraordinary happens, I'll make sure to leave a note here.