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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

American Dream!

Well, not really. But I'm going to San Francisco again, in January. All costs covered. And there is nothing better than a quick visit (well, it's going to be 10 days) in warm California in the middle of a windy and rainy winter.

Still need to get a visa and stuff, but I reckon it's not going to be a problem.

Can't wait to see this again:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Real treat

Weird people bother me on IM. Here is one of them. I know I'm being mean, but they just ask for that. And I can't resist...

dammycool: hello there?
dammycool: am from south africa and i can go to anylengt to have you
me: what??
dammycool: great
dammycool: am Dammy
dammycool: becky how are you?
me: what do u want?
dammycool: am a single guy
dammycool: and i really want to have somebody dating cos i can travel anywhere to find my life partner
dammycool: thats why i like to know you
me: im not interested
dammycool: i understand you babe
dammycool: just be my friend for now
me: and im not a "babe"
dammycool: common
dammycool: sorry
dammycool: \young lady
dammycool: are you okay with that?
me: i dont want to be your friend either
dammycool: common
dammycool: why?
me: here is an idea - bugger off
dammycool: let start from somewhere
dammycool i want you
dammycool: let just talk for some min
dammycool: okay?
dammycool: hello
dammycool: common stop acting this way
dammycool: i really need to say something with you
dammycool: and am very serious
dammycool: cant you understand?
me: i am serious too - and it's a really brilliant idea - bugger off
dammycool: okay
dammycool: nice one see you again
dammycool: i believe you're not in the mood of talking
me: i never am. now - leave, quick, chop chop
dammycool: somebody loves you
me: im aware of that
dammycool: really
dammycool: you can still be my life partner
dammycool: bcos i believe so much in miracle
me: try finding luck elsewhere. bye.
dammycool: noooooooo
dammycool: pls my sweet angel
dammycool: why
dammycool: my wife common
dammycool: i really want you
dammycool: hre is my number
dammycool: +27824230280
dammycool: would you give me a call
dammycool: ?
me: nope
dammycool: then give me your i will call you right now
me: bugger off
dammycool: common stop saying that to me i dont really like that
dammycool: my love
dammycool: you there?
dammycool: pls talk to me
dammycool: thank you
dammycool: accept that
dammycool: pls

He really took it seriously, even sent me his photo.
Real treat, isn't he?