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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let it rain...

And it won't change till late March. At least it's not freezing...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Just started. With hopes for some changes within next few months. Cross your fingers.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Somebody’s getting older

And it’s me actually. Happy birthday to me. A little summary as of 4:30pm…

- number of e-cards received: 2
- number of calls with b-day wishes: 1
- number of text messages with b-day wishes: 1 (thanks Dad, but next time, please wait until a bit later, 7:45am in Poland is 6:45am here!)
- number of IMs with b-day wishes: 2
- number of personal b-day wishes: 1 (I was half-awake though)
- number of emails with b-day wishes: 4 (+2 prompted)
- number of presents: 0 (unless you count 10 condoms my GP gave me. I didn’t even want them, but she really insisted so I had no choice…)

I’m going shopping after work.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another update

A friend from Frankfurt was visiting us here in London a few weeks ago and we indeed had a blast. A few pics below.

Party. At our place.

After party. Starbucks near our place.

Another party. In a pub. Me and my friend Kasia.

My dear friend Kasia. Solo this time.

London Eye

A trip to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge. Morning coffee.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle and me

Windsor Castle

English Bobbies. Erm... policemen.



Sunday, October 01, 2006

Catchin' up - part one - Africa

So… I know it’s been a long while, but life’s been REALLY hectic recently. Anyway – below – a “photo-story” of my trip to Africa. Enjoy!

All inclusive - African style. Axim.

Heavenly beach - forget about Thailand! Axim.

Canopy walk over tropical rainforest.

Welcome to the Hotel California.

Clearly, the Portuguese weren't focused on aesthetics when conducting their first investments in Ghana. Elmina Castle, est. XVI cent.

Fishing is really important for this major city. Cape Coast.

Cape Coast fortress: a girl with a cannon.

This, of course, is a funeral. Only in Africa.

Ghanaian economy is mainly propelled by people carrying stuff on their heads.

A woman. A fat one too.

Irish pubs are everywhere, even in Accra.

Plantain, anyone?

Now, seriously, you need an elegant haircut. Kumasi.

Ghana, too, has congestion problems. Kumasi.

And if you were wondering whether there are limits to size of stuff people can carry on their heads.

Me. Waiting for food. 50 minutes. Kumasi.

More stuff on head.

Just when you thought you've seen it all: head + baby on the back.

High Street shoe boutique. Try to find 2 identical shoes. Kumasi.

Plenty of food. Seriously.

Corn from a street vendor.

Must buy.

Ghanaian fauna.

Typical Kumasi street.

Weird stuff on the head.

Eat - banana - eat, eat - banana!

Toys. Kids love them. Outside of Kumasi.

My podel posing for 2 cents.

Another pic. Still within 2 cents.

Typical Ghanaian view - young man, spending days... thinking.

God, Inc.

Dr. Jesus?

God, Inc. - one more branch.

God, Inc. - in fast food business, too!

What an arse!

Fat people = wellbeing...

Whaddya want? Monkey forest, north of Kumasi.

That wide?

Me. Feeding monkeys.

Great power with you lies...

A bunch of monkeys.

Looks familiar? I think I've seen those on the other side of the globe, quite recently.

Same tree, from inside.

Tropical rainforest.

Stay on these roads...

Kintampo Falls - upper.

More Kintampo Falls.

Me, on the African picnic grounds (take a closer look at the sign on the tree).

Lower Kintampo Falls - really impressive.


Really wet!

African grasshopper - really huge.

Lunch plaza on a bus stop.

Typical Ghanaian view - young woman, spending days... thinking...

But now, seriously...

Got hunger?

Seriously, no urinating.

The only reason these 2 are willing to pose for the pic is because I just gave them 2 pens - a real rarity in Ghana!

Some more people with stuff on their heads.

This is a main rail track in Ghana and also, naturally, a marketplace. Kumasi.