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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just one more time?

Bleh, I hate Sundays. Somewhere around 1-2pm you start having this awful feeling, that Monday is just around the corner. It doesn't let you focus on anything fun, it's sorta punching you in your head whenever you're trying to forget about the fact that the weekend is almost over. Oh, god, I hate it!

Anyway, I had 2 *interesting*, not to say *weird* experiences on Friday.

An *interesting* experience #1:
I went to a place called "Strawberry Moon", c.a. 10 minutes from Piccadilly Circus. It was a mistake, we were actually supposed to go to a bar next door - "Zinc". And it was a HUGE mistake. The cover is 2,5 quid and this is what it buys you:
- sticky floors covered with all kinds of juice, beers, drinks and who knows what else (really, you have to constantly move your feet, otherwise they'll stick to the floor),
- loads of fat, drunk chicks in too short skirts, no tights and definitely with too much make-up,
- loads of randy, drunk white-collars somehow really attracted to those chicks.

Now, we went there at 9:15pm and the party had been already going on for at least 2-3 hours. I mean - what kind of a place kicks off a party at 6pm on a Friday night? Anyway, it was ugly, it was disgusting and if you ever plan on going to "Strawberry Moon" - remember, I warned you...

An *interesting* experience #2:
After one beer in "Strawberry Moon" we moved to "Zinc" (no cover, coat-check, somehow nicer?), where we spent the rest of the evening. This, btw, is a great place - the bar-tender was amazing, friendly and even gave us a round of free drinks, the music was not as loud, so you could actually talk, not scream to each other and so on. Anyway, at 1am we decided to go home (part of the reason was that we got pretty pissed), and as I couldn't find a licensed taxi, one of my friends decided to get on a mini-cab with me to get me home safely (very genuine of him, as he lives in Chelsea and I live in Willesden Green - part of the reason was that he was pretty pissed). Oh, gosh, what a ride it was! Not only we got lost and it took us 1.5 hours to get home (it's a 20-minute ride, normally), but the stories the taxi-driver was telling us! About all those drunk chicks he picks up from "Strawberry Moon", who offer him shagging, first for money, then for free, then for a cup of coffee and at the end they actually want to pay him! About how he would "neva, eva" do this and then finally how he did it. Just "this one time". But he'll "neva, eva" do it again (or at least that's what he said). Well, maybe just one more time...

Two lessons from last weekend:
- "neva, eva" go to "Strawberry Moon",
- "neva, eva" get on a cab, if you're not sure if the driver knows the way.

And I promise I'll "neva, eva" make those 2 mistakes again. Well, maybe just one more time ;-)


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