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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Victory for common sense

Okay, the eyes are still where they belong, but it was a stand-up fight. Luckily, I can rest assured, that common sense is still there and eventually it will win through, if you're persistent enough.

BTW, I was just checking some things in my calendar from 2005 and apparently, a year ago, almost at this time, I was in NYC, New Jersey (well, we got lost) and Philly. It was bloody cold (guess how many warm clothes I had, arriving from warm and sunny California), but nevertheless - nice. Well, have a look:

What can be nicer than the largest Macy's Store in the world? NYC. Outside for about 20 minutes, I was already freezing.

Times Square. But where is the *ball*? Oh, right, it's already February...

Officer, I swear to God, I always hang about with 2 handbags. They're both mine, I promise!

Central Park. The famous ice rink. (Central Park covers a larger area than the principality of Monaco).

This car is mine. REALLY.

Manhattan. A breath-taking (or gob-smacking) view from the Empire State Building. Legend has it that the island of Manhattan was purchased for $24 in trinkets from the Indians.

I wouldn't recommend walking or driving there. Not exactly the safest thing to do. Projects, Bronx.

Um yeah, it eventually started snowing. Philadelphia.

Philly, not Gotham City. Other than that, Philadelphia is a very charming town.

Anyway, that was last year. This year I am probably going to Canary Wharf (exciting, ain't it?) to take more picture of those weird traffic lights. Not exactly the same thing as NYC, but hey, so much cheaper!


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