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Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday (night) fever

So it's a Friday night in London. What does a person, who has been in the city for 7 weeks only do on a Friday night? Go out! Some people, like Jerry Seinfeld will probably never get why people go out (poor guy) but I am not Jerry Seinfeld (thanks god).

I've got enough fever today though. Every single part of my body hurts and I definitely don't feel like going out. I am officially sick. But it's not like I am gonna have a boring evening, no! My party buddies for today are: Miss Lemsip (very sour), her friend Aspirin (a big white guy), Ms Hot Tea, Mr Raspberry Syrup (never goes anywhere without Ms Hot Tea) and Mr Advil (a shy American guy, who hides in my bathroom most of the time). Music theme for this evening: sneezing and coughing. Dress-code - rather casual: warm socks, sweat-pants, a very warm jumper. Unfortunately my buddies are not too talkative, so we'll probably end up watching X-Files or some other crap, after a few attempts to have some chit-chat.

At the end of the day, it's not all bad. I will go to bed quite early, and that's what I really need to do tonight, as Someone Very Important is flying-in tomorrow morning and I have to get up quite early.

Everyone, who is out there having fun, getting pissed and doing crazy things - enjoy yourselves!


  • At 9:52 am, Anonymous splin said…


    I have got "close meeting" with TIR whis weekend. (fortunatly nothing really serious happened.

    Anyway I am the one who would like to be on your place:))


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